Saturday, February 16, 2013

My father's guitar

Hi everyone,

So, things are slowly easing into a new kind of normal for me. I went back to work this week for half days. I had a bit of a false start on Monday, but I worked Tuesday to Thursday. I have three more half days next week, Monday through Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday I will try to work all day and see how it goes. I've done okay so far, but I am very up and down emotionally (typically one day up, one day down, today was an up day) and get tired very easily and from what I've been told things may be like this for a while. I got quite frustrated by it all on Thursday, but then discovered that it was just because I needed a good cry which was something I hadn't had in days.

I do have a few things to look forward to which have been helping me get through the days, one of which was my mission to go and get my father's guitar out of his house so I can learn how to play it. I pulled that off today and am very happy to now have it in my living room. I will work on learning how to play chords first and my goal is to eventually be able to play the 2nd movement of Vivaldi's guitar concerto in D major. My father was given his guitar by a priest he was friends with when he was little, but he never learned to play it. My aunt and uncle had it restored for him this Christmas, it had been sleeping in one of their closets for years and they thought that giving it to him with a book to teach him how to play it would give him a hobby and maybe help him work through his depression. My father was very moved by their gift, but never took the guitar home with him. It still needed to have its neck straightened so my aunt and uncle took it to a luthier (string instrument creator and 'doctor') and did not have the chance to take it back to him before he passed away. That's why, since I am my father's musical child (I inherited my musical ability from him), I have made it a goal to learn how to play the guitar since he never had the chance to.

The other thing I've been looking forward to is my Sweetheart coming home. He will be here on Tuesday, his flight is getting in at 8:35 P.M. if all goes well which it hopefully will. Tuesday happens to be my birthday, so after everything that has happened lately I could not ask for a better gift than finally, finally having my Sweetheart with me. I will be picking him up from the airport, which will be a first for me. Of all the times my Sweetheart has traveled, he has always come home during my work hours or in the middle of the night, so I have never been able to pick him up. I am absolutely thrilled that I will be able to do so this time :)

That's all my news for this week, I'll try and drop by again next week, but since my Sweetheart will be home and I will have birthday celebrations nearly all weekend, I might be a bit late on my next post!


  1. Sounds like a good week in front of you.

  2. Hi Karine! I think your having the guitar and learning to play it, can be a tribute to him and provide comfort as well.

    Take care, and know I'm sending good vibes in your direction.