Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Vacation!

So, here I am, finally on vacation! I hadn't been on a real vacation in a bit over a year, so I was really looking forward to this trip down to my grandparents' place in Florida. I flew from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale with a stop in Atlanta on Friday (with Delta as you can see, that's my plane parked at its gate in Fort Lauderdale still having luggage unloaded while I was about to get in the car to leave lol ) and I was quite impressed when I saw the airport in Atlanta by how large it was. I got a real kick out of having to take a subway to get from one terminal to another, we could so use one of those in Montreal so we wouldn't have to walk two kilometers (I'm not even sure that's very much of an exaggeration) to get to some of the gates in the international terminal. Anyhow, I had two very smooth flights on my way down here and have really been enjoying the heat and sunshine, although right now the regular summer afternoon thunderstorms are rolling through, we were actually chased off the beach by them earlier because they usually don't show up until about 4:00 or 5:00 P.M. and today they popped up at about 2:00! Oh well, they only cut our beach time by about a half hour and I am enjoying sitting out here and listening to the thunder and the rain falling, the joys of having a partly covered patio!

Here are a few shots I took on an outing yesterday afternoon, and if anyone can identify that wonky waterfowl, you deserve a medal :oJ I'll probably have a chance to post again before leaving for Toronto of Friday morning. I get to visit my sweetheart for three whole days without having to share him with family and friends, what a treat!!! When you do the long distance thing, you tend to get a bit jealous when you have to share you significant other with other people :oJ

Have a great week!