Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flowery Welcome

Ugh, finding time to blog is not easy in the summer!!! More sun equals more time to spend outside and also, in my case, more work because of all the tourists at the Oratory so I finish later and get home later and do everything, well, later! I do still find time to take pictures though and I took this one on the way out of work yesterday. I wanted to share a bit of the Oratory's summer look with you guys because our gardeners and landscapers (we do all our own stuff at the Oratory, so no, you can't hire our guys) always do such an amazing job at picking out beautiful flowers for our grounds. We have lots of pink and yellow this year, namely Black-Eyed-Susans which I adore and you can see here, blowing in the summer breeze along with some lovely pink flowers.

So there you have it, I now have to run off and get some breakfast before I end up being late for work!!! I hope you're all having a great week :o)

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