Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Today I...October 9th

Footbridge across the pond that belonged to the spa my Sweetheart sent me to a week and a half ago

Today I...

...felt like blogging, so I'm popping in with a bit of an update for all of you :o)

I'm happy to report that my father has been doing better for the past two weeks. He is not out of the woods yet, but we are cautiously optimistic that he may get himself out of them eventually. I'm keeping up with the prayers and hoping for the best, but we certainly all enjoyed seeing him for Thanksgiving dinner. He joked a bit and ate well and was happy to be with us and that was what we were all most thankful for :o) 

As for me, I've been feeling better for about a week now as well after a few good cries, a night at a spa up north that my Sweetheart gifted me with, finding myself a psychologist thanks to a employee support program and a few nice outings with some friends. Some TLC from my Sweetheart has helped as well. 

Speaking of my Sweetheart, he's supposed to be off to Angola tomorrow, but when he opened his e-mail this morning, he found a plane ticket for a flight that left last night that was sent to him this morning!!! That has to be one of the greatest strokes of genius we have ever seen...NOT!!! We had a huge laugh over it and I sent it off to my family. We now have no clue when Sweetheart is leaving, but he was going to pack his bags tonight just in case he got another plane ticket for a flight tomorrow. And the plane ticket for this morning? Business class on a KLM flight. Then entire flight was work nearly 5500$. Throw Sweetheart's business partner E's ticket in there too and that's 11 000$ of plane tickets. Someone at the engineering firm he is getting this contract from had a really, REALLY bad day, methinks. Anyhow, my Sweetheart and I are now hoping that he will not be leaving until next week, which would buy us another evening or two together. Unfortunately I would miss out on an entire weekend with him since I am leaving for Toronto on Friday and will not be back until Monday, but what can you do? My weekend should be fun and I can still call my Sweetheart from Toronto, which I will not be able to do once he'll be in Angola. Ugh, an entire month without him. Here's hoping my father will stay well while he's away.

So there's my little update. I hope you've all been well also and that my Canadian readers had a nice Thanksgiving. This may be my only post for a little while again since I have a pretty busy week, but I'll try and drop in again soon, depending on how things are going :o)


  1. good to hear from you.

    Thanksgiving was good and glad yours was.


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday as well, Gill!

  2. It's was so nice to see your comment on my blog and see a post from you! I'm glad you're getting some really good TLC--It says a lot about your support system, and YOU too!! Keep thinking positive and know that my continued prayers of support are still coming in your direction!!

  3. Hi Karine! Just stopping by to let you know that I'm thinking about you and I hope all is well! Take care!!!