Sunday, December 2, 2012

December is here!

Greetings everyone!

First off, above is a very educational video about Montrealers' habits in the Winter. It's snowing tons? Meh, no big deal. Go out anyhow, no point in letting it change our habits, otherwise we're going nowhere until April! And in this respect, I am speaking of true Montrealers, those who live near enough the Downtown core that they do not need to take the highway to get home, let alone a bridge. Anyone who needs the highway or the bridge to get home and hears that large amounts of snow will be falling either stays home or heads for home no later than 2:00 P.M., otherwise they are prepared to sit in traffic for at least two hours to get home. When I lived in the suburbs it once took me three hours to get home, at which point my Sweetheart and his roommate at the time rescued me and took me in for the remainder of that week. On another note, this video  is also a nice look at how pretty our Christmas decorations are!

So, it's December! We had our first snowfall that stuck this week, although it was only about four centimeters worth of the stuff. No traffic pandemonium ensued and it has now all melted because it got very warm (7 degrees Celsius, which is very warm for us hardy Montrealers at this time of year) overnight and rained. I would prefer -5 degrees and snow personally. No colder than -5 mind you, it got down to -12 some nights this week and that was a bit much since we skipped the whole -5 thing and when straight down to -12. Anyhow, I'm hoping for more snow soon, since I find that bare trees and Christmas decorations look much better with snow than without.

As for how my week went, it was very up and down. I was in a very sour mood on both Tuesday and Wednesday, partly because of PMS and partly because of boredom at work. I'm normally quite a cheerful person, so when I'm in a sour mood, I feel awful about it and also everyone can tell. Not fun at all. I've been feeling better since Thursday though, which coincidentally (or not so much) was when I was going to my Sweetheart's place. He made me dinner for the second time in a week, which was lovely and we chatted and worked on his kitchen cabinet doors. We got together again last night for a fun raising concert for my colleague C's former high school in Haiti, then we went out with a few of my Sweetheart's friends for a drink before heading back to my Sweetheart's place. We only got home around 12:30 A.M. which is quite a late night for us! This morning we overslept and then ended up having to rush out the door since my Sweetheart was heading out to his brother's place on the South Shore and the buses that go out there only run every half-hour on the weekend. As for me, I came home and am planning on putting up the rest of my Christmas decorations today. I got started on them yesterday when I bought a Christmas wreath for my apartment door and today the tree is going to go up as is the advent calendar.

Finally, I realize that I didn't let you all know how my concert went last week! It went quite well once we were passed the first three songs. I think the major issue was that my director put all the hard pieces towards the beginning of the concert, so we didn't really have a chance to work up our confidence in front of the audience and get over our nervousness before hitting the hard stuff. I told the director so and hopefully he'll take that into account for our next concert. Also, my father didn't come, so my Grandma G couldn't make it in either, but I did have my brother and my Sweetheart there and also my dear old friend G who brought a friend with her and C came as well. It's always more fun singing when you have people you know in the audience. I particularly enjoyed seeing my Sweetheart with his eyes on me for the whole of the second half of the concert :)

Well, off I go to put up my Christmas decorations! But before I go, for any of you worried about the whole 'Mayan Doomsday Prophecy' for December 21st, here is a link to a page NASA put up to calm people down. I wish I could direct some of the people who have been calling into the Oratory worked up about this whole 2012 thing to this page, but it would probably do no good since most of them are zealots trying to tell me that I need to practice fear of God more and make penance for my sins because the end is most certainly nigh. Yeah, my mind, December 21st is my aunt A and my Grandpa G's birthday and three days before I finally get off work for two weeks. I fully intend to wake up in one piece of the 22nd, hopefully with my Sweetheart next to me :) What do all of you think about the December 21st thing?


  1. the December 21st thing whole lot of bumph if you ask me!!

    Glad the concert went by fine.


  2. Er, it's the day my husband gets off work for Christmas and our son comes home from uni...