Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today I...December 13th

Today I...

...turned my computer on for the first time since Saturday. Sound familiar?

...am sharing this photo of what the Oratory and its surrounding area looked like on December 23rd last year with all of you. I seriously doubt it will look anything like this next week unless something major changes. We have a very tiny bit of snow on the ground and although it snowed most of the day today, nothing stayed and some of what we already had melted as it was above freezing. Not by much obviously, but still.

...am happy to report that my concert on Sunday went quite well. My next one is on Thursday and that will be the last one for this session.

...had a very good time at the employee Social Club's Christmas lunch, even though I didn't, as usual, win any of the door prizes.

...went out to dinner at Juliette et Chocolat with V after work. It was lovely to see her and we had a nice chat as we hadn't seen each other since October!

...am looking forward to my Sweetheart coming home. He will be back on Wednesday of next week.

...am off to watch Flashpoint!

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  1. it's looking a lot like a green Christmas here as well.......