Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today I...February 28th

Today I...

...am sharing these two photos of my favorite Old Montreal art gallery with you: Le Bourget. I love to pop in there for a look every now and then, but not too often as there is no way on God's Green Earth I can afford any of their pieces!

...am finally back to normal, phew!

...spoke with my Sweetheart just after lunch. He was in the middle of inspecting part of the Lafontaine tunnel, walking along on top of it. I always find it quite amusing when he picks up in the middle of an inspection and says something along the lines of 'Oh hi! Yeah, I'm standing on top of such-and-such a bridge or tunnel. And yes, he does stop inspecting while he talks :oJ

...got my list of groups that will be coming to the Oratory during the novena and on the feast day of St. Joseph done. It's nine pages long so far, it may get another half-page or so longer, but we'll see. Now I'm working on the bus lists for the tour guides we'll have welcoming the groups to the Oratory and giving them little information sessions before they get off their buses. Oh and I got my seating plans done too! I'm getting along in my work, hopefully it will mean that I will be going less crazy that usual during the actual novena period :o)

...am enjoying watching Quinn watch my platys swim along in my fish tank. I have three of them now and they're by far her favorites and mine!


  1. Hi Karine! I'm so sorry to read about the 'downs' you were having, but am glad that you're feeling better!! Being outside taking pictures always helps me to feel better, or taking a nap with the pups, or your lovely girls Magique and Quinn would work for me too! :-) But it's good to catch up, and I so hope your week ends on a good note, and you have a wonderful weekend!