Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today I...February 4th

Today I... sharing this picture of the barrel that the sugar shack at Mont-Tremblant keeps snow in for making maple taffy. It is a real treat to be able to have maple taffy in the dead of Winter, let me tell you! We normally only get it at the very end of Winter into early Spring!

...had a nice, quiet Saturday.

...slept a good, solid ten hours. I was very tired, it was a build-up from Wednesday night when I was at my Sweetheart's for the night and his neighbors, who are Chinese and had come home after spending several months in China with their baby, kept us up pretty much all night. Or more likely their poor jet lagged baby did. I don't know what possessed them to travel with a baby who didn't have a sleep pattern established yet someplace where he would end up with 12 hours of jet lag, but it sure made a lot of other people in the condo building just as miserable as he was!

...decided to make some bolognese sauce, it's simmering now and boy, does it smell good!


  1. Hi Karine! I've never seen maple taffy made this way, I'll bet it really is good!!

    I'm glad you've had a quiet weekend, and hope that next time you're at your sweethearts, it's a quiet night!! Take care!!

  2. Jolie coutume , j'aimerais bien essayer ! :)