Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Balancing Act

Hi everyone! I took these shots of this young man, who is training in circus arts, practicing his act in old Montreal this past Saturday. I honestly thought he was brilliant, he was doing the craziest things with his little boxes as you can see. But I also find that his act is an excellent reference point for life, which is, as I'm sure you can all relate to, one huge balancing act. We all have to balance many things in life. Our personal life versus our professional life, time with our significant other and time with our friends, time spent on various projects at work or school, leisure time and time spent tending to our many duties at home, not to mention our budgets, diets and those of our children or those we are caring for for others: 'No, you may not have candy for lunch!'.

Yes, one huge balancing act. Sometimes we can spend the longest time feeling perfectly stable, like we have our act completely under control, until suddenly something happens, and it really doesn't take much, and our entire act falls apart and we have to rebuild it again, sometimes with a part of it missing, a part that had been important to us for some time. It can be person or an activity or even a personal object that we lose and that we always kept with us, but we have to build our act up again without that piece and keep on going because, as I'm sure we've all noticed, life, astonishingly enough, does keep on going even if we feel like it should have stopped...at least until we've found a way to find the balance in our act without that missing piece.

So yes, kudos to this guy for his brilliant act! If he can balance his life as well as he balances with his boxes, he shouldn't have to run after life to catch up when he's sent off kilter too often ;o)