Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The case of the missing boyfriend

So, my sweetie was at a conference in Philadelphia last week and on the way back, instead of flying into Toronto and just going 'home' there, he was coming home to Montreal for the weekend. I was totally pumped for it because I figured that since he was getting here on Thursday night instead on midnight on a Friday night like he usually does there was a very good chance that I would get to see him. I saw that he had some flight delays due to weather on Thursday night and couldn't figure out why because I thought he was coming straight into Montreal and all the nasty weather was out in Toronto, and I mean really nasty weather, tornadoes and all. From what I could tell, he had finally made it off the ground in Philly a little after midnight and landed here at about 1:20 A.M., so I was expecting to hear from him on Friday...but I didn't. Nor did I hear from him on Saturday or Sunday before he left. This is rather strange behavior on his behalf. Our not being able to see each other when he comes to Montreal can happen. His family is very clingy and he has a zillion friends here, some of them that he sees far less often than he sees me since they don't have the time to make it up to Toronto to see him, but normally he calls or writes to let me know what his weekend is going to be like and to let me know whether we'll be able to see each other or not. So I was understandably disgruntled about not hearing from him on Saturday but then I became concerned on Sunday. When I finally spoke to him last night, I found out why I had not hear from him and it goes something like this:

1- I had been watching the wrong flight. His flight did not take off on Thursday at all, it was canceled due to the weather, because the flight he was taking had a connection in Toronto.

2- Since it was canceled, he had to stay in Philadelphia overnight and miserly Air Canada wouldn't pay for his hotel or find one for him because the delay was due to weather and not, say, a mechanical failure on one of their planes.

3- Air Canada booked him on another flight on Friday which was overbooked and then on a third one that also didn't work out, so he outright gave up on them and booked his own flight with US Airways which flew directly from Philly to Montreal. In all it took him 26 hours to get here and when he got here, his bag hadn't made it. They had lost it and have still not found it and there's about 1500$ worth of clothing in there because he was at a conference and needed some snazzier stuff. Fortunately his camera was not in his checked bag and he left clothes in his condo in Montreal when he moved last winter.

4- Since US Airways lost his bag, he spent most of the weekend on the phone with them as they called him with updates and he would call them for some and in between that he had promised to visit a friend he hadn't seen since April, help his brother move the last of his stuff into his new house and to clean the drains there and he only made it here on Friday night and had to leave Sunday at 5:00...yeah, he didn't have time to check his e-mail and call and he knew that when I found out what had happened I would understand. Which I do. When he has issues like that, all he can think about is the issue. After five years with him, I well know that.

5- Since US Airways lost his 1500$ bag and will only compensate him for 400$ if they can't find it, my sweetie is applying for a Visa Platinum card which offers full luggage protection if your luggage is lost. He had one the last time his luggage was lost but then he canceled it and boy, does he regret that now...

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