Thursday, August 13, 2009

Skywatch Friday

So, see this brave fella up there fixing our antenna? Doesn't look all that impressive, right? Well, look again from this vantage point...he's there, look closely!
Uh, yeah, better him than me! He does have an awesome view of the city from up there though, I can guarantee you that!

Happy Skywatch Friday, and go check out other Skywatchers' photos for this week here:

Have a fun, hopefully sunshine filled weekend!


  1. Perspective makes all the difference in the world! The view must be fabulous indeed. Excellent captures!

  2. Better him than me is right! =:-0

    Great play on perspective!

  3. Not the place for me either no matter how good the view. I was just in Montreal for the first time earlier this month. - Margy