Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sea Lion

Hi everyone! So I couldn't believe I hadn't used this fella for any of my Camera Critters posts yest. His name was Tag and he was a Steller Sea Lion. I came across him at the Vancouver Aquarium which was one of the last places I visited while there in the summer of 2007. I saw Tag just one year before he passed away and let me tell you, he was BIG. The pictures actually don't quite do him justice as his nose was about the size of my fist. I found him extremely impressive, and before seeing him I actually didn't know that there was a breed of sea lion that could get this large, but his size was is actually quite normal for his breed.

So that's Camera Critters for this week, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a great Halloween and be sure to check out other Camera Critters posts here


  1. Thanks for the introduction to Steller Sea Lions and Tag. What an impressive fellow he was!

  2. Tag is a very cute sea lion. Thanks for sharing your critter for the day.

  3. Majestic creature and so regal on his throne!

  4. Great pics of Tag! He's beautiful!
    I always feel so sorry for sea lions, what with their weight & the cold. Poor guys

    Happy Halloween

  5. Sea Lions have such adorable faces! I love their whiskers...great captures of a fabulous critter!

  6. Cute! We loved to watch the sea lions and seals on our frequent visits to Sea World while we lived in Florida. They are adorable to watch and seem to each have a unique personality!

    My CC

  7. Maybe he is a kind of my cousin!I mean...look at his sweet face, and he has whiskers!
    It's really cute!
    Happy camera critters and a wonderful Sunday
    purrs and love

    Luna - We love Luna

  8. It's too bad that Tag is no longer with us. He was certainly very cute, though! I'm sure he brought tons of joy to people while he was around.