Friday, November 4, 2011

Today I...November 4th

Today I... sharing this photo of the main exhibit of lanterns at Montreal's Botanical Gardens with you. It was on the pond behind the Friendship Pavilion in the Chinese Gardens, which is a stunning place to visit any time of year :o)

...had a fairly busy day at work. doing my laundry since I may not have a chance to do at any other time this weekend. I had a choir practice all morning tomorrow followed by a lunch and am hoping to be heading over to see my Sweetheart in the evening and then spending the day with him on Sunday. This is all to be confirmed (except for the practice, of course), but hopefully will work out. We did get together on Wednesday by the way and were so very happy to see each other :o) very happy that it is the weekend!

...saw Montreal's first two snowfalls. We got flurries twice today...and so it begins!


  1. Beautiful garden shots. The colors are wonderful.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  2. Hello Karine!!!! It's so good to be able to catch up on your blog today, I've missed reading what you are doing!! :-) I'm so, so glad that your sweetheart were able to see one another--I hope you're able to get together on Sunday too and are enjoying a wonderful weekend!!