Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today I...January 11th

Today I... popping in for a quick post! happy to report that my return to work is going quite well. It is much quieter than it was two weeks ago, so I got caught up on my work very quickly. My only problem is that I'm still not used to my earlier hours in the morning and am quite tired. I should be back into my routine by next week though :o)

...enjoyed a nice girls' night out with my friend V. We went to a sushi bar near my place and chatted away over yummy sushi and teriyaki and I got a free dessert since they made a mistake with my entrée. Have you ever had green tea ice cream? If you haven't, you should try it out, it's amazing! hoping that you are all having a lovely week :o)


  1. a wonderful week Karine...I am glad yours had been too:-)

  2. Hi Karine! I'm so glad you've had a good week!! I think that you of all people deserve to have one because you work too hard and have to many things to juggle! I hope it's ending on a good night too!! Take care and stay warm!!