Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today I...January 31st

Today I...

...am sharing this photo of these two deck chairs which were on the deck at our condo this past weekend.

...enjoyed watching the snow fall outside.

...was happy I didn't have to get in traffic to get home. It just so happened that I had to run a few errands after work, which led me to take the metro (subway) and when I stepped out and saw the weather induced traffic jam outside, I walked home since I only live about a seven minute walk from the metro station.

...am hoping that the weather forecast is wrong and that the snow that is falling right now will not turn into freezing rain overnight.


  1. I think it would be way too cold yo enjoy a beer on those chairs. I hope the weather gets better for you soon.

  2. Actually, the weather was lovely! While we would not have sat out on the deck with a beer, many people in Canada have absolutely no problem enjoying a drink while sitting in a spa in the dead of winter or barbecueing in a parka on their back deck either, as long as it doesn't go below -10 celsius. Then we start thinking twice about it :o) Last weekend the weather was actually quite lovely and mild, somewhere between 0 and -8 depending on if we were at the top or bottom of the mountain and the time of day.

  3. Those chairs look like they are for sitting watching sun not snow.