Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today I...January 17th

Today I...

...am popping in before my Sweetheart gets here :o)

...am sharing a nice, wintry photo from last year with you, since we are currently in the middle of our second snow storm in two weeks.

...am finding the snow quite lovely, especially since I am going skiing up north next week. Skiing on real snow is always better than skiing on artificial snow I find.

...am airing out my kitchen to try and get rid of the charred lasagna smell that is still lingering there. I made vegetarian lasagna (that turned out lovely!) on Saturday and the sauce leaked out of the dish while it was baking and boy, did it ever smoke and smell up my apartment! Not a bad smell, but after a few days it does get a bit tiresome. One of the problems is that due to the age of my apartment building, we have no vents above our ovens and my oven being a gas one, it has no self-cleaning setting. I gave it a good scrub yesterday and will give it another tonight and hopefully it will be usable again after that :oJ

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  1. I see you are forecast for freezing rain, be careful if you go out in that,