Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today I...January 18th

Today I... sharing these photos of Downtown Toronto with all of you. My Sweetheart's train is probably pulling into Union Station right about now. He is visiting Toronto for the first time since moving back to Montreal last March. He still does some work for his former employers there every once in a while, so he is going to meet with his former boss tomorrow to discuss his work and visit his former colleagues. He'll visit with some friends there for the weekend and he will be coming back home on Monday. I'm looking forward to hearing from him what it felt like for him being back in Toronto for the first time. It was such a strange feeling for me, the first time I went back in September. I felt like he should have been there with me, despite the fact that I was visiting my family. When I got on the Subway after getting off the train in September, I had to head the opposite direction I used to head in when I went to my Sweetheart's place and it felt very odd. My brain and my heart still very much associate Toronto with my Sweetheart and it will always be filled with a lot of bittersweet memories for both of us I think.

...couldn't believe the city hadn't put down salt and gravel on the sidewalks by 8:00 A.M. We had a pretty hefty snow, ice and windstorm overnight and then the temperature really took a nose-dive, so by the time everyone headed out to work this morning, there was a good five centimeters of sheer ice on the sidewalks. Great fun to walk on, I can tell you. It was a bit better this afternoon, but not much. We will more than likely be stuck with icy sidewalks for a few days now since they didn't keep on top of the ice while it was forming! already looking forward to the weekend and sleeping in!

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