Friday, December 10, 2010

'Santa Claws' (Today I...December 10th)

Today I... sharing this utterly priceless Simon's Cat video by Simon Tofield with you. To see more wonderful and entirely truth-based videos about what life with a cat is like, you can visit his YouTube channel here. I often think that my cat Magique should be featured in his videos because she has done pretty much everything that Simon's cat has done...except tease woodland creature (although she teases her mother, Quinn, plenty) and break the front door since she is not and never will be an outdoor cat. But yes, she does wreak havoc with my Christmas tree every year. I've had two Christmas ball casualties so far this year and two fallen Christmas balls that have survived their feline induced ordeals. I'll give you the full tally once the tree is safely back in its box, but suffice it to say that I graduated from a four foot to a six foot high tree so that the tree could no longer be toppled and any breakable ornament with any sentimental value whatsoever could be placed at the top of the tree. Magique is doing better with the tree this year though, as I have mentioned before, she sleeps under it and doesn't chew on the branches as much, probably because I mostly ignore her when she does it since I'm not worried any escalation of her attention-seeking antics will result in the pouncing upon and toppling of the poor tree.

...had a pretty full day as I did all week. Two more and then I'm on holidays for TWO WEEKS! Well, minus one day, but that counts as two weeks for me and that hasn't happened to me since 2003! apologizing for missing out on Skywatch Friday two weeks in a row, but last week, as you know, I was in Toronto and last night I had a dress rehearsal for my choir's concert which is this Sunday. I will be back with a Skywatch post next week though, never fear! off to watch CSI NY and Blue Bloods while waiting for my Sweetheart to call me back. I love Friday nights :o)

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