Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today I...December 29th

Today I... sharing this picture of the stairs to a large house in Westmount framed by two large spruce trees with you. feeling a bit better as my cold seems to be letting up a bit. Yesterday I felt like a wet rag, today I feel like mostly dry rag ;o)

...decided to get and renew my driver's licence and Medicare. I figured it would only take me about an hour to get that done, so I brought my grocery bags with me, planning to go and buy stuff to re-stock my fridge.

...spent THREE HOURS at the provincial services outlet waiting to renew my cards!!! Yup, you read that right, THREE HOURS!!! Ugh...I hadn't planned on it taking that long, so hadn't brought a snack or water with me and was mighty hungry by the time I got out of there at 6:00 P.M. since I had only had breakfast!!!

...went grocery shopping anyhow so I could buy myself a Knorr skillet meal. I got home, got changed, dumped the food in the skillet and had dinner ready in 15 minutes. God bless Knorr :o)

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  1. welcome to dealing with the should know that everything takes at least three times as long as you think when dealing with them!!!

    All the best for 2011,