Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today I...December 1st

Today I... announcing that in 24 hours I shall be at my Sweetheart's place! I'll be there for the weekend, so expect very little in the way of blogging from me for the next four days. I'll try and get around to commenting on Friday while my Sweetheart is at work and may even be able to work up at post, but my main objective of the day (after sleeping in) will be to make my Sweetheart his surprise birthday dinner, so everything else will come second after that.

...put the first ornament on my Advent Calendar.

...was a horrible grump (in my head at least, I'm very good at at hiding grumpiness a lot of the time, or at least I hope I am) for the better part of the day until I gave a tour. enjoyed giving my tour. It was with a group of elderly people suffering from cerebral palsy and Alzheimer's. I like giving tours to groups from long-term care facilities for the elderly the most because I find that the Oratory means the most to them. The tours often bring out memories and emotions for them that they just don't for others, so the visit is meaningful to them and to me on a whole different lever than with other groups. poured on on the way home just getting on the bus. All of two minuted without an umbrella and I was soaked!!! Bring on the the snow storms rather than the rain storms, at least then I won't get all wet anymore taking the bus! hoping you all have a lovely weekend, I know I will :o)


  1. Hopefully you will have an enjoyable weekend in T.O. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


  2. Love this image Karine! Thank you so much for your continuing support on my blog through your compassionate messages.

  3. Have a fabulous weekend together.
    Delightful photo for a holiday season sky.

  4. Hello Karine! Once again I have so enjoyed catching up on your blog all the way from the kitchen helpers to your lovely cats that I didn't realize you had--Cats were always my first love--Don't tell the dogs! :-)

    How wonderful that you're getting away for a few days to visit your sweetheart!! Be safe! :-)

  5. Hope your weekend was lovely