Monday, December 13, 2010

Today I...December 13th

Today I... sharing this little video of what Montreal looks like after a snow storm...and how the pros clear away snow. You can always tell when your street is going to be plowed because they put bright orange 'no parking' signs up with a specific time frame. That can happen as much as two or three days after a storm though or even longer if your street is not deemed crucial to either public transit or ambulances (direct shortcut to a hospital), so you've got plenty of time to dig your car out of preliminary snowbanks when the plows push the snow out of the street so people can actually keep driving until the snow is carted away. You'd better get your car out of the way by the time the plows come through though, otherwise the city tows it away and impounds it and boy, is there one hefty fine to pay when that happens from what I've heard.

...was fine with being at work once I was there.

...gave a tour to an adorable group of kindergarten students.

...was aghast when their teacher was willing to have them cross between the building that houses the Oratory's eating facilities and gift shop in nothing but their t-shirts and sweaters so they wouldn't have to cart their coats around inside. I had them cross through the employees' tunnel between the two buildings instead. I told her that maybe my maternal instinct was in overdrive, but that there was no way I was making her students walk outside without coats when I even I wouldn't do it at a jog.

...went grocery shopping after work.

...was happy that the rain didn't melt away all of our snow from last week and that more fell today. I'm all for a white Christmas, but remind me that I wrote this in March when I'm sick of winter, would you?

P.S. : The title of the video, for those of you who don't speak French, is 'Snow and snow removal in Ahuntsic'. Ahuntsic is one of the boroughs of Montreal.

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  1. it's marvellous how quickly and organized these guys move the snow in the big cities. We are blocked in with snow this morning.......