Friday, December 17, 2010

Today I...December 17th

Today I... sharing this picture of my brother and my grandfather's birthday 'cake' with you. It's actually a fancy 'Bûche de Noël', but we figured it would put an interesting twist on the traditional birthday cake. It's my brother's 26th birthday today, so I figured I would go with a birthday themed photo :o) As for my grandpa G, he'll be turning 80...something on Tuesday. Yeah, I don't remember exactly how old he'll be, but I think it may be 85?

...greatly enjoyed the sushi that D brought to work for C and I. He's begun bringing us sushi for free once a week since his roommate works in a sushi bar in Laval (another island city just north of Montreal).

...was so very happy to see the sun!

...went out and did a bit of Christmas shopping after work and got two SAQ (the Quebec liquor commission) gift cards, one for my brother and one for my aunt and uncle and some wrapping paper, three rolls for 2.25$ at the dollar store! What a bargain!!!

...splurged on a quiche for my dinner.

...would have put the said quiche in the oven much earlier if I had known it would have to be in there for 50 minutes before I could eat it!!! Man, am I hungry! trying to prepare myself mentally to face the hordes of people in the stores tomorrow when I go out to finish my Christmas shopping. Hey, at least I know what I'm going out there to buy...pretty much. Wish me luck!

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  1. rather you than me braving the Christmas crowds. Remember to wrap up warm and take bucket loads of patience with you!!