Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today I...December 15th

Today I... sharing this picture of the giant Christmas Wreath hanging on the front of what is now the office building where my father works with you. feeling down and lonely. It's a case of winter blues I think, we haven't seen the sun here in nearly a week. They're announcing that it's going to reappear tomorrow though, so I hope they're right this time. They seem to just be putting off by a day every day lately.

...finally spoke with my Sweetheart, but not for very long. He was trying to solve a grade 12 math problem for the daughter of a friend and just wasn't getting to the bottom of it. You know how men are when they need to find the solution to something, they just can't give up on it or focus on anything else until they get the darn problem solved. Anyhow, it turns out that there was an explosion in the basement of his building last night while he was at the shopping mall next door, so when he went to go back home, he was told that he could only go up to his apartment to get some personal items and that he would have to either stay at a friend's place or go to a hotel. There was no heat, hot water or power in his building for 10 hours, but at least he was able to go home after work today. Anyhow, he didn't sound like the happiest of happy campers tonight naturally and I can understand. finding it most entertaining to watch Quinn play with an old cork from a wine bottle and how curious a happening Magique seems to find her mother's fascination with the aforementioned cork to be.

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  1. I love that wreath.

    I didn't hear about the explosion on the news, so I am guessing it wasn't a huge one?

    At least he is safe and sound.

    We had sun yesterday and it cheered me up, now it is snowing again!! Roll on May!!