Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today I...December 22nd

Today I...

...shall be thanking God, St-Joseph and St-Brother André for a miracle they have given my family and I. Will you thank them with me? sharing this picture of the Oratory I took in the snow last January. I'll be bringing my camera to work with me tomorrow to take some pictures of the Nativity Scene we have set up outside now that they have all the trees and lights up, so keep an eye out for them tomorrow or the day after I hope.

...found out that there is such a thing as chionophobia. And no, that is not a phobia of China or the Chinese, it is actually, wait for it...a phobia of SNOW!!! Yup, there was an elderly Italian lady in with a group today who has been in Montreal for 40 years and who started screaming and throwing a fit because it was snowing outside and she would not hear of going out even just for two minutes so she could be taken across from the building which houses the gift shop and snack bar into the Oratory for her tour. Oh, dear learn something new every day!!!

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  1. well I think if I had that phobia I would be moving to somewhere hot wouldn't you!!