Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here be monsters! (aka: Today I...January 26th)

Today I... sharing the utterly priceless video of a boys' choir that you will find at the bottom of this post with you. You'll see why it's priceless, just trust me and watch it :o)

...was woken up at about 4:30 in the morning by an odd thumping noise coming from my wall. Magique, who was in the bedroom with me, was going bonkers over it. I got up and stuck my ear to the wall twice to get a a better idea of what the noise might possibly be and the only conclusions I came to were that the couple who live in the apartment above mine were having a seriously good time or that there are some critters (mice, rats, squirrels or something else along those lines) living in between the walls for the winter and they were shuffling around. I am hoping it was the couple upstairs, but they've been up there since July and I hadn't heard them yet (I live in a 70 year old building with astonishingly good soundproofing), so I'm guess it's more likely to be critters and I therefore may not be getting very much sleep until the landlord does something about it. I stopped by the janitor's apartment when I got back from work and his son opened the door and when I told him about it he seemed to think critters living in the walls was kind of a crazy idea, so hopefully he will call the landlord like he said he would. I may call him myself tomorrow and see if he was made aware of the situation or not.

...walked home from work since it was only -11 with a -16 windchill. I wanted the exercise and knew that walking would keep me warm and it really wasn't that windy, so it was quite a nice walk! I'll probably do it again tomorrow because it's supposed to be even warmer!

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