Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today I...January 29th

Today I... sharing this picture from the botanical gardens with you. I'm usually pretty good with plant and flower names, but the names of these particular plants escape me. That's okay though, or at least in my books it is. You have undoubtedly noticed that I'm on a bit of a botanical garden photo posting spree and that's because I find that flowers are quite cheerful to see in the middle of winter :o)

...had a laid back day after having a very, very busy one yesterday. I worked my regular schedule and then went out to buy myself some dinner and some shower gel since I was flat out of it and went back up to the Oratory to eat before a meeting to iron out the final details for my concert with my choir there tomorrow. I then had rehearsal until 10:30, got a ride home from my choir director and was out like a light at about 12:30 A.M.

...saw my landlord on the way down to the laundry room and he told me that what I heard in the walls the other night was more than likely squirrels. He told me that they blocked off a squirrel hole in the roof last fall, but when they went up to check on it early in the winter when we had a bit of a mild spell, they found a new one. He told me that they can't do anything about the squirrels until they leave their nest in the spring, because if they block the hole now, the squirrels will die in there which is most definitely not something I want on my conscience. Hopefully, though, they'll do their rustling around away from my apartment most of the time so as not to drive my cats nuts during the night!

...spent close to an hour on Skype with my Sweetheart! He told me that he has a piece of jewelry for me for my birthday, but please, don't get any ideas. It's something that he bought in Poland a few years back apparently and you can believe me when I tell you that it is NOT an engagement ring. Not that I wouldn't like it to be, I really would like it to be, but yeah, we're not quite there yet. It's more likely a necklace or a bracelet. He's very good at picking out necklaces for me, so I'm putting my money on that :o) very much looking forward to my concert with my choir at the Oratory tomorrow and am hoping that we will have a big audience!


  1. good luck with your performance today and hopefully there will be a big crowd to watch it.

    I guess it would be more helpful to be engaged to your other half when both of you live in the same city?


  2. Thanks Gill! As for being engaged in the same city, he's moving back in a month;o) Besides, as long as I knew he was moving back here, the different city thing wouldn't bother me one bit!

  3. interesting patient Karine. I actually asked my husband to marry me 3 times before he said yes! And now it is almost 23 years later and still we are the best of friends...I think he made an excellent decision!

  4. HELLO KARINE! I have to agree with your landlord about the squirrels--We had the same problem at our last house. The 'Skippy Squirrel Family' as we called them were pretty determined to stay in our attic for the winter. But in the fall, the day we moved, there were 5 sitting on the lawn to say good-bye...

    I hope your concert goes well, and I know your gift whatever it may be will be just lovely--Please make sure to let us know! :-)

  5. Beautiful photo. Hope your performance went well.

    Darryl and Ruth : )