Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today I...January 5th

Today I... sharing this photo of this couple of bird decorations that my aunt and uncle set out on their counter for the Holidays. They like them so much though, that they may end up leaving them out all the time.

...had a slightly less lazy day than yesterday. I got changed into some jogging pants and a fleece top as soon as I got up, had a nice brunch, no lunch and macaroni and cheese that was leftover from last week for dinner, so no chocolate cake in sight today ;o)

...went out to buy kitty litter and kitty food, the kibble type. My cats eat both dry and canned food and I never run out of both types at once, which is actually quite good, because while I can haul around a bag of kibble in one arm while pulling a 42 lb bag of litter in my 'granny cart', I would not be able to haul 18 cans of food in the cart as well. I actually used to not be able to buy litter on my own at all because it was too heavy for me to pull uphill in my cart, but I now have a wonderfully conveniently located pet supply store just up the street from my place, no hill in sight, plus an elevator in my building so I only have to haul the cart up one small flight of four stairs.

...spoke with my Sweetheart again and we are planning on my joining him on the first leg of his round-the-world trip this coming I will most likely be going to HAWAII this coming May!!! This is thanks to my wonderful younger brother who works for Aeroplan and can get me an incredibly sweet deal on my ticket. He would let me pay him back for the ticket in two-week installments which I can totally afford, so this trip is totally doable for me! My Sweetheart and I will make a final decision about this on the weekend, but I am already imagining all the things we could do together in Hawaii. Yup, I can totally see us on the beach together right now and standing up on a hill taking pictures of the Hawaiian sunset...Oh, what an experience this could be for me...The pictures I could take, the stories I could tell...the incredibly long flight I would have to take back home on my own...Okay, I'll try not to think about that last part too much. Not too keen on flying myself, but to spend a week in Hawaii with my Sweetheart, I'd put up with just about anything!


  1. Cute decorations. Hawaii sounds good.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  2. Karine - I've flown by myself many times. Don't be nervous. Just think about the purpose of your trip and you'll smile all the way, and everyone else on the plane will think you're a very cool solo traveller.
    Hawaii, by the way, is wonderful. I've just been there for the first time and loved it.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel