Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today I...January 15th

Today I... having a pictureless post. I haven't had one in a while, but I'm not feeling too too inspired tonight so am not sure I would be able to find the right picture for you guys!

...had a fairly busy and emotional day.

...rushed to do all my laundry before heading out.

...dressed all in black except for a white blouse.

...went to my third memorial service-funeral this week, this time for the father and father in law of four of my friends. A brother and sister and the brother's wife were all tour guides at the Oratory and the brother's wife was a tour guide too. The three of us started our career at the Oratory together and then the younger sister joined us a few years later. We're a very close knit group, us Oratory tour guides so when we found out that our friends' father and father in law died suddenly last week, four more of us plus J decided right away to go to the funeral. I'm sorry to say that the priest botched the service, I'd never been to such a badly done funeral. I hope that our friends didn't feel the same way, but from what we could tell they and their mother were just happy to have so many friends and family there. tired. Three such ceremonies in one week (the Haiti memorial on Wednesday, Luce's memorial service on Thursday and the funeral today) is quite draining emotionally.

...was happy when my friends asked us all to go out to dinner with them in Chinatown tomorrow night. We will be more than happy to get their minds off of things and we always have a good time together. hoping that I have filled my funeral-memorial service quota for the year. hoping that my Sweetheart got his hands on some tickets to 'The Magic Flute' in Toronto for my birthday!!!


  1. they say things come in three's, so hopefully as you say you have had your quota of three for now.


  2. Sounds like a tough week, but you'll be glad that you paid your respects.