Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I...January 21st

Today I... sharing these two fun photos of my friends and I together last weekend. We set my camera down on a ledge in Chinatown and set the timer and had it take two series of ten photos of us goofing off. I love motion shots, so there were right up my alley!

...had Friday brain today, so I did get quite a bit of stuff done at work, but by the end of the day I was done and had the attention span of a two year-old. I guess my brain had reached its weekly work related thought processing quota!

...took a different route home just for a change and so that I could walk a bit without spending huge amounts of time outside since it was cold out.

...kept being active when I got home, taking down my Christmas tree and decorations and then vacuuming and cooking dinner. I have been feeling the effects of being too sedentary due to the cold lately and have been feeling antsy, so even though it's supposed to be downright frigid this weekend, I'm going to try and find a way to get active somehow. wondering where my Sweetheart has gotten to? He connected to Skype for a few minutes last night but disappeared before I had a chance to talk with him and he's not on tonight at all. He may be watching a Friday night movie or playing a computer game though, that's what he was up to last Friday night. Oh well, I guess I'll talk with him tomorrow unless he connects soon! enjoying watching two back-to-back episodes of CSI: NY. The one on right now is a rerun (hence my being able to write this post while watching), but I don't think I have seen the episode that is going to be on next.

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  1. What fun pictures! Would you believe that I've never been to "China Town" anywhere and I've had 'Friday brain' all week--Okay you might!! :-) I hope you were able to connect to your Sweetheart, and I hope you have a good weekend!!