Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today I...January 19th

Today I... sharing this night shot of De la Gauchetière street in Chinatown with you. I took it after my evening out with my friends and darn near froze my right hand off doing it lol

...spent the day worrying about C on and off. She left work yesterday feeling unwell and we haven't heard from her since the end of the day yesterday. She never showed up at work today and never called to say why or how she was feeling and there was no answer three times we tried to call her.

...had a very busy day at work. I've started send out documentation to groups who are going to coming to the Oratory for the Novena, covered all three phones since D was busy doing a mail-out with volunteers and C wasn't in. hoping that C will be in tomorrow and that it will be a quieter day. my dinner for tomorrow all ready and put into the crockpot! Artichoke chicken will be waiting for me when I come home from work tomorrow and all I will have to do is make the pasta to mix in with it. YUM!!!

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  1. Nice photo of the city at night, have a great weekend full of new photo opportunities.