Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today I...July 15th

Today I...

...went out for ice cream with my brother. Anyone in my family will tell you that I am an ice cream junkie. I can never get enough of the stuff and as with all other food, I'm a gourmet. I'm constantly searching for new parlors in Montreal with which to satisfy my ever curious taste buds and boy, did this little gem of a parlor not disappoint. I went with my brother who is far less adventurous in his food choices. He took their 72% dark chocolate ice cream and said it was great, but then complained that the parlor did not have many flavors and was kind of out of the way. I don't care about either. The more hidden a place is, in my experience, the better their food is. As for not very many flavors, quality over quantity is my motto and their salted butter ice cream is absolutely to die for. If ever you are in Montreal in Summer (most of our ice cream parlors are seasonal, save one or two and those that are in shopping malls), give Kem CoBa a try. They are at 60 Fairmount Avenue West and are well worth a wait in line and a small trip of the beaten track :o)

...finished reading Bernie McGill's 'The Butterfly Cabinet' and started reading Alice Hoffman's 'The Dovekeepers'. 'The Butterfly Cabinet' was excellent and from the little I've read so far, I think Alice Hoffman's 'Dovekeepers' is going to be wonderful as well.

...downloaded a few of the song that the Canadian pyrotechnical team used during their fireworks display at Montreal's international fireworks competition last night. The display was absolutely amazing as was the soundtrack. I hope they win the competition this year! going to go and cool off in the shower. We're in the middle of a heat wave here and I only have one window AC unit. It's been running all day and has cut back on the humidity in my apartment, but there's only so much it can do to cool the place off. At least my cats had a cool place to lie in all day and I should have a cool bedroom for at least half the night.

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