Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today I...July 21st

My rental car on St. Peter's Road, near Cornwall, PEI last month. It was a little Ford Focus, I loved it!

Today I...

...slept a bit later than I wanted. I was actually awake a bit before 8:00 A.M., but there was no way I was getting up at that hour, I was still way too groggy and I mean come on. Me up before 8:00 A.M. any day of the week when I don't have to be? Not happening!!! So I went back to sleep figuring I'd get another hour in and then I woke up a bit before 10:00 A.M. That hadn't happened in a while!

...was surprised to see that the elevator still wasn't working, not that I use it very often since I only live on the second floor. The car has been stuck about a foot below the first floor since Thursday. This has got to be sucking for the folks that live on the fourth floor, especially for the little family that had a one year-old and hence a stroller to get up and down all those stairs!!!

...went for a spa appointment in the West Island and was picked up by my mom so we could go to Costco together I love Costco, you can get such great bargains there! I got a new camera bag where I can fit both of my SLRs (a Nikon and a Canon), two pairs of yoga/jogging pants, two sports tops with built in bras, a container of olive oil that will last me at least a year, two jumbo size boxes of the cereal I have for breakfast, two big boxes of raspberries, a jumbo size pack of Oasis juice boxes, a jumbo pack of Source stirred yogurt and two liters of milk for 149.50$. Talk about a steal!!! eagerly awaiting to hear from my Sweetheart. I must be realistic, he is coming home today but I do not know at what time. If they are driving home from Virginia Beach in one day, it is nearly 10 hours non-stop, but they're driving with two children under the age of four. There will be stops involved. I have therefore disconnected from Skype to stop myself from checking all the time to see if my Sweetheart is online. I will have dinner, talk with my grandparents on the phone, go for a walk and if he has not called my phone by the time I get back, I will check Skype again. If he is not there, I will go to bed and talk with him tomorrow. I will be patient. I will, I swear it!


  1. I got a Ford Fiesta back in April and I love it. I am a big fan of Ford cars.

    Hopefully your other half made it home.


  2. Hello Karine!! With my being out of town, and all that has come with July, I have missed so much of your news! I need to sit and catch up! I do hope all is well, and it seems to be with this post, with the exception of missing your sweetheart who I hope returns safely.

    I love Costco too--We've had a membership for more than 20 years, and I love the deals there too, not to mention the bakery and the books and the plants and the ... :-)!!!

    Enjoy your Sunday!