Monday, July 23, 2012

Today I...July 23rd

Dalvay-By-The-Sea Inn hidden behind a sand dune on Dalvay Beach, Prince Edward Island

Today I... happy to report that my Sweetheart and his family made it home from Virginia Beach safe and sound on Saturday and that my Sweetheart and I were happily reunited yesterday evening :o) We had a lovely dinner, watched an X-Files episode (I have several seasons on the show on DVD), went out for a 2+km jog and then crashed for the night. We were two of the happiest campers around :o)

...headed back to work after a weekend that went by in a blur.

...was in awe of how dark the sky became this evening when a line of strong thunderstorms rolled through, it was creepy. We are getting more storms now, they were at their strongest about an hour ago while I was on Skype with my Sweetheart  and they were interfering with my router and the call kept getting dropped! I resorted to e-mail. thankful for the storms, despite their interfering with my conversation with my Sweetheart because they have done a lovely job of cooling off my way too hot apartment.

...have enjoyed watching my new fishy pals swim around my aquarium. I was down to one Platy, my three surprisingly long-lived micro-raspboras and the ever-lasting Alguie, so I picked up four more Platys yesterday when I went out to get some fish food. Two of them are blue and white, they're gorgeous!!! going to head off to bed and let the storm lull me to sleep while I read.

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