Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today I...July 31st

Today I...

...am a very proud Canadian! We collected three more medals in one day! One in 10 meter synchronized diving, one in weight lifting and one in judo! GO CANADA!!! Any Americans out there might wonder what all the fuss is about since your atheletes have collected 22 medals so far and eight of them are gold, but lets face it: you guys are bigger, your sports programs have more funding and your atheletes therefore have a better chance of becoming elite. But you still can't beat us in diving, not in general anyhow and we are more than fair opponents for you guys when it comes to Winter sports :o)

...am apologizing for being a bit of an absentee blogger. Well, kind of apologizing. My Sweetheart and I have been spending lots of time together, which has meant no time for blogging and I have absolutely not felt any guilt about not posting when we have been together. I only felt it today when I realized that I would more than likely not be blogging for the third day in a row since he's coming over to my place this evening after his guys' night out, so I'm using my break time at work to blog :o)

...was disgruntled when I realized that my neighbor, I do not know which one, has definitely never been told that smacking the snooze button on your alarm clock does not turn it off. I was out like a light from 11:30 last night to about 9:15 this morning (yes, I was very tired), but spent the last little while dreaming that I was in a hospital because the constant beeping, in my sleep muddled head, sounded like the beeping of a heart monitor. Nice...I felt like throwing rocks at the aforementioned neighbor's window, but for that to work, I would have had to know which apartment he or she lives in!

...am hoping to make it to the grocery store and out for a jog after work, but both of these things will depend on the weather. It's pretty hot and humid here today and they're saying we may get some pretty hefty thunderstorms later on and both carrying grocery bags and jogging in a storm are no-nos!

...will do my best to blog again tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. You guys have more medals per capita than us! http://www.medalspercapita.com

  2. And jolly fair sports players all of the Canadians.