Monday, August 20, 2012

Today I...August 20th

Click on photo to enlarge and see bees on the flowers

Today I... sharing some photos from my visit to the Botanical Gardens with all of you. It was one of my treats to myself yesterday to help me get my mind off everything that's been going on in my family. I've blogged about the Botanical Gardens before, it really is a wonderful place to visit and this was my first time going there in the Summer. They have all kinds of sections in the gardens, for annual flowers, perennial flowers, an orchard, a lilac glen, an arboretum and also ornamental vegetable and fruit gardens, where they really, really don't want you to pick anything, be it a zucchini, grape, or blackberry...


I had a lot of fun wandering around the gardens and taking pictures and will share more with you in my next posts. happy to report that my father has been doing much better since the weekend and we seem to possibly be making some headway with getting him into a clinic to treat his depression and other issues once he is released from the hospital. looking forward to my Sweetheart coming home on Thursday and am hoping to see him soon after his return. looking forward to my aunt coming to visit from Toronto! She will be arriving on Thursday as well. doing very well with my jogging, I did my second 3 km run last night and will stay consistent with it until it gets too easy. Then I will bump it up to 3.5 km. I've already begun thinking about where I will run when that becomes necessary, because I am running out of places to go immediately around my apartment building. I'm already running the entire distance I used to run and then walk around to cool down and have resorted to doing a walk around my block after running around it to cool down. I'll figure something out, I'm sure!

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