Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today I...August 5th

Yet another view of Green Gables Farm, Cavendish, PEI (can you tell I loved the time I spent there?)

Today I...

...felt bad for my Sweetheart after being a bit upset with him last night. He was being M. Crankypants, you see, and griped at me for some pretty silly stuff, but I chalked it up to his getting 500$ worth of vaccinations on Friday for his upcoming trips to Haiti and Angola. He had to take another vaccine today, a liquid one for cholera and he's feeling even worse physically, but maybe a bit less like M. Crankypants. soaked in a downpour while walking home from the pet supply store with my brother. It is just two blocks from my apartment, but I needed his help to carry a 45 lb. bag of kitty little home for me (that's not far off of half my body weight). My brother was miffed at me for letting him drive to the supply store because he didn't know it was so close to my place, but I could tell there was a big rain shower coming. He insisted walking back to my place however, so I hollered at him when we got poured on.

...made my way to Jean-Talon Market to get some porcini and portobello mushroom ravioli for dinner and made a lemon, cream and thyme sauce to go with it, yum!!! Here is the recipe, in case any of you want to try it.

...went for a 2.25 km jog after the weather cooled off. It was awesome, there was a great breeze and I worked up a great sweat and totally burned off the cream sauce from my dinner, I'm sure of it. Now I Just wish I was allowed to wear my new skinny jeans to work so I could show off how awesome my legs have become since I started jogging back in June! looking forward to going for ice cream with my grandparents after work tomorrow!


  1. ice-cream sounds better than vaccinations

  2. very nice article... thank to share.. i love it.

  3. Hi Karine, I saw on blogger reader that you were taking a little break, but don't see the post--I hope that all is well, and please know that I'm sending good thoughts in your direction! Take care!!