Monday, August 27, 2012

Today I...August 27th

A peaceful corner of Montreal's Botanical Gardens

Today I...

...felt all kinds of emotions when I found out that my father was being released from the hospital. Mostly I felt apprehension. While he was in the hospital he was monitored and sheltered and we knew where he was at all times and that he was being taken care of and was taking care of himself. Now, he is back home and while my brother and I would love to be able to keep him in a bubble and have nanny cams in the house so we could know what he was up to all the time, we cannot. He is on his own and he has to decide for himself whether he wants to be well now and live a reasonably long life or not. We cannot force him to live a healthier lifestyle, he has to take the initiative himself, no matter how much we would like to shake him into it.

...was thankful for my colleagues and friends at work for their support and being so willing to listen to me and offer their support.

...went for a nice long jog.

...spoke with my Sweetheart for a bit. through one day this week. I am going to feed my cats, have a shower and watch an episode of Downton Abbey to continue unwinding before going to sleep and facing another day tomorrow. One day at a time and we will all get through this and hopefully the outcome will be positive. What I am hoping for right now more than anything else though is peacefulness and happiness for myself and my family. We need it so badly and if we can't all have it, then maybe I'll run away for a weekend and get some myself before I go stir crazy.

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