Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today I...September 15th

Closeup of a giant Hibiscus that was growing in the Botanical Gardens when I was there a few weeks ago 
(it was seriously about the size of my face!!!).

Today I...

...slept in, thank the Good Lord! My first week working mornings again was pretty darn rough, I really need to try to discipline myself to get to bed earlier!

...went out in a car from the car sharing program I joined for the first time. The program is called Communauto and it has been around for a few years now. I was quite pleased with the experience, although I did end up in a little Toyota Echo that was becoming a bit of a clunker! It ran well enough though and got me through my 118 kilometer trek from my place to an appointment in the West Island and then out to my mom's in Hudson and back. I'm taking another car out tomorrow, a newer one this time, to get my Sweetheart and I out to my aunt and uncle's and back for my father's birthday dinner.

...enjoyed my visit with my mom and her canine crew. I got lots of kisses from one of her dogs, was drooled on and stepped on my muddy feet and laughed it all off. I'm washable, so are my clothes and a visit with my mom is more than worth a little extra scrubbing. Plus, I love how her dogs love me :o) happy to report that my date with my Sweetheart the other day was lovely. Stash Café is a great place with very yummy traditional Polish food and is very affordable for Old Montreal. Usually when you go and eat down there you get skinned alive, because if you do not end up in a high-end place, you end up in a tourist trap, but Stash is a little off the beaten track and therefore affordable, quiet and very, very quaint. We both loved it and will be going back again :o) looking forward to my evening with my family tomorrow, even though I know that my father has not been doing so well this week. If you would all please continue praying for him and sending positive vibes his way, it would be much appreciated. looking forward to driving again tomorrow. I love to drive, am good at it and I will admit that I also like to drive fast. Not too fast, I go with the flow, but it is always the flow in the left-hand lane of the highway :o) Plus, tomorrow I am driving with my Sweetheart. I love driving with him. He is a great navigator, loves being the passenger and is never a backseat driver. He actually is not entitled to be, because I taught him how to drive! But yeah, he doesn't actually enjoy driving, so he's more than happy to just sit and navigate and let himself be chauffeured around town (whether Montreal or Toronto back in the day) by me :o)

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  1. Hi Karine! It sounds like you've had a nice weekend! I had to grin at your driving fast--I do too, and it's a miracle I've not gotten a speeding ticket in years--Knock on wood! :-)

    PS: Surprise, surprise, I couldn't believe that the Verizon guy came today. Our internet isn't repaired completely, but it's working well enough that I can read blogs.