Monday, September 3, 2012

Today I...September 3rd

Another lovely area of Montreal's Botanical Gardens

Today I... feeling better.

...spent the afternoon with my Sweetheart, which got me feeling better.

...baked a cake with my Sweetheart.

...went for a 10 km bike ride with my Sweetheart.

...watched more Downton Abbey, I am almost through with the 2nd season now and will then have to wait until January for the 3rd season. to go for a spin in my brother's new car.

...sipped Grand Marnier on a terrace with my brother after dinner while we munched on Jalapeno Poppers and watched tennis. happy with my long weekend, despite yesterday being a not so fun day.

... spoke with my father for a bit. He was a bit chattier and in a better mood, but still not overly cheerful.  I really hope he gets back to sounding as cheery as he did when he first got home last week.

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