Sunday, September 2, 2012

Today I...September 2nd

Flower bed at the Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago

Today I...

...didn't have a as good a day as yesterday.

...woke up at 10:00 A.M. when I had an appointment at 10:45 a 15 minute walk from my place. Not the ideal way to start a Sunday. 

...was disappointed to find out in an e-mail from my Sweetheart that I would not be seeing him today. We will get a few hours together tomorrow afternoon (if my mood has improved). I was hoping that we would finally get at least 24 hours together for the first time in longer than I care to remember, but no such luck.

...spent two hours at V's place with her cat and most of it was spent sitting by the balcony door watching Downton Abbey on my iPod while the cat was lying on the balcony in the shade.

...stopped by the aquarium supply store to buy four new fish, cardinal tetras to be precise, and two new artificial plants for my tank.

...spoke with my father for a bit and he sounded rather down. A major contrast from yesterday. I think I will take a day off from calling him tomorrow and see how he's doing on Monday. He may be feeling a bit badgered I think, so he will more than likely appreciate my call more if he hasn't had to repeat the same information about how he's doing to three or more other people before I get to him.

...went out for a long walk to try and improve my mood. I'm not too sure it has done any good, but I more than likely would be feeling worse right now if I had done nothing but sit around and stare at my living room wall for the 45 minutes I was outside.


  1. What a beautiful, sweet and precious baby in your previous post!!

    I hope by the time you read this your mood has improved--If you lived closer, I'd bring over some of my leftover cake, it has certainly made me feel better! Take care, and enjoy your evening!!

    1. Thanks Kim, I am feeling better. Too bad you couldn't make it over with some of your cake, I'm sure it would have done the trick!