Monday, May 16, 2011

Today I...May 16th

Today I... sharing a photo of this perfectly posed cat that my Sweetheart and I came across while walking through the Hollywood Hills area one evening during our vacation. He is perched in front of one of the Yamashiro Restaurant and Farmers' Market's decorative arches. My Sweetheart and I didn't eat there, by the way. We went back down the hill and ate at a little Mexican joint...without this pretty kitty.

...was back at work again. Phew, it's rough at the office right now with only C and I around. We don't know when D is coming back and we are short-handed tour guide wise as well. I will more than likely end up going into the office on Saturday and taking Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. Monday is a holiday here in Canada and the Tuesday would replace my Saturday. I'm not too keen on working six days straight, but I have a tour with no tour guides on it and the only solution I can see to the problem right now would be to removed one tour guide from an earlier tour if the second tour guide on it is willing to take on 40 people on his own and put the removed tour guide onto the second tour with me.

...ate dinner at home for the first time since Thursday. very happy to report that my concert with my choir went very well yesterday. I will post a video from it when they put some up on YouTube.

...really, really want to kick off the jet lag tonight and be in bed with the lights out by 1:00 A.M. It should work out since I'm feeling pretty tired.


  1. Cute shot. Isn't it always like that when you come back from vacation?

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  2. it always sucks when you have to come back from a vacation. Glad you enjoyed it though and can't wait to see more photos of it.