Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today I...May 1st

Today I... sharing this photo of the fiddleheads that my mom and I found growing the back yard of her new house yesterday afternoon with you. We both love fiddleheads and were wondering if these were the edible kind. According to a lady at the eco exhibit that that mom went to today, they are, however due to a mineral found in the soil in the area my mom lives in, they apparently taste very bitter. Darn...I would have loved to have some free fiddleheads!

...headed out to the West Island for a spa appointment and then came straight home after I was done and found myself feeling nostalgic for my visits to my mom's place after my spa appointments. Up until two weeks ago she lived 10 minutes from the spa I go to so I usually went to visit her every third Sunday. Oh well, hopefully I will be able to keep up the frequency of my visits by getting my brother to visit her with me once a month, as the only way to get out to her new place is by car and he has one!

...started getting some things together to pack the for my vacation with my Sweetheart. I am looking forward to getting away with him for a week, but just can't get over my fear of getting on a plane and am hoping that the person either sitting beside him or me will be a kind soul willing to switch seats with one of us so we will be able to sit together on the horrendously long six and a half hour flight to Los Angeles. Do not ask me how I made it all the way to Italy and back a few years ago because I just don't know, but I do remember crying a lot before and during the flights. Yeah, pretty bad eh?

...don't think I will have time to post tomorrow, so I will see you all when I get back in a week and a half, I should be able to have a post up on May 12th!


  1. Hi Karine!! Just stopping by to catch up on any news I've missed--I all has gone well on your trip so far and I KNOW you are having a wonderful wonderful time!!!! See you when you get back!!!

  2. Do you eat the fiddleheads. They are tasty