Monday, May 30, 2011

Today I...May 30th

Today I... sharing this photo of my Sweetheart taking a photo beside the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles with you. We went to lunch today so he could return some clothes to me that he had used to wrap a bottle in on our trip home from LA. We also wanted to spend a bit of time together since he is leaving on a five week long trip to Europe which will take him from Poland, to Berlin, to London and then back to Poland again. My Sweetheart is, of course, very excited about his trip and is looking forward to being in Poland and is all geared up to visit Berlin and London, two cities that he has never seen before. I am happy for him, of course, but of course I am sad too because I'm the one being left behind. I would love to be able to travel with him, but I can afford to travel as much as him. He has been saving up for this trip since he moved to Toronto two years ago. With the plan in mind that he would take six months off when he got home to finish all the work that needed to be done on his condo and travel. I knew I would never be able to take five weeks off work, so we decided that we would go to Honolulu together, which then turned into Los Angeles. I was dreaming of London, but I simply couldn't afford it. We will go back together eventually though, maybe next summer or Spring. For now, I tried very hard and succeeded in not crying while walking back to work after lunch and will try my best to keep busy while he is gone so I won't miss him too much. We won't be apart any longer than we were between our visits while he was living in Toronto, but the difference this time is that we will not be able to talk to one another very often if at all and my Sweetheart may not be able to write to me very much either because he will not have much access to Internet while he is in Poland. Phew, this may be hard...we aren't used to not talking to one another or writing to one another for long periods of time. I will write to him once a week plus when he writes to me and hopefully that will tide me over!

...was alone in the office today. Hopefully both C and D will be back tomorrow, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much about D. I did tidy up his desk for him in case he does come back to work tomorrow so it will be just as he left it.

...walked home so I could soak up every drop of sunshine possible. It is miraculously supposed to be sunny ALL WEEK here! I don't think that's happened since...uh...April?

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