Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today I...May 17th

Today I...
...am sharing these two pictures of Hollywood and greater Los Angeles taken from the Hollywood Hills area. You can just make out the Hollywood sign in the upper left-hand side of the second photo, otherwise this could have been an Italian city in the Tuscany area!!!

...had another incredibly busy day at work. C and I went to see the director of personnel to see about getting someone in to help take part of the load off of our shoulders, he said he would see about getting us someone as soon as possible, phew!

...was amazed when the sun actually came out this afternoon and took full advantage of the situation by walking home. It felt good not to be wet and cold the second I stepped outside for the first time since Saturday!

...am hoping that the bloody jet stream unjams soon so we can get a nice long stretch of nice weather!

...spoke with my Sweetheart for over 45 minutes this evening and it was lovely. We may see each other on Friday and go out with some friends, but until then he has to have some work done on his condo, like getting his hot water heater replaced and his roof repaired as the hot water heater he does have only gives hot water for 10 minutes and his roof is leaking like a sieve. He spent 45 minutes in the attic with a neighbor on Sunday afternoon putting plastic tarps and buckets and containers up there to catch all the leaks!

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