Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today I...May 29th

Today I... sharing this photo of a Gold Line Metro Rail train entering the Pasadena station. I don't actually remember if that's what the station was called, but I know for sure that this was the station in Pasadena. As I have mentioned before, the metro in LA can be a pretty rough place, as can some of the bus routes, but the Gold Line was pretty nice and a much better ride than the bus we took into Pasadena. I looked around today just to make sure that I wasn't on the metro in LA on my way home from an appointment in the West Island when I was seated diagonally across from a Schizophrenic off his med who was yelling at someone who wasn't there and smacking his head and in front of a rather exalted elderly Asian lady who began crying out to the man 'Jesus has healed you, Alleluia!' with her arms raised up. Yeah...the difference between LA and Montreal metros? People smirk or grin at this sort of thing in Montreal, as long as the crazies are harmless. In LA people yell at them to shut up and things can get ugly...especially since when you're in the States, you never know who has a gun!!! Long live gun control, I wouldn't feel nearly as safe out at night, or during the day for that matter, without it!

...discovered the delectable delight of the 70% dark chocolate Aero. So very worth the 1.69$ I paid for it!

...carried a rather heavy grocery bag all the way home since it was just more trouble than it was worth getting on the bus for one stop to go to the pharmacy, get off and then get back on for one more stop. I made it home faster without the bus anyhow since I never even saw one. The bus I take runs very often, but sometimes I just end up in between them. thoroughly enjoying Edward Rutherfurd's novel 'New York' since beginning it yesterday. I also finished Kate Morton's 'The Distant Hours' yesterday, which was quite good as well, but I'm so far liking Rutherfurd's book even better!


  1. When I see things like you did with this person I try not to stare, but then I find myself staring and then if they look at me I wonder if they notice that I am staring even though I'm not trying too....But I never say anything, I save that for when I blog! :-))

  2. Funny - when I first looked at this photo I thought it was a big red bus coming along. :)