Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today I...May 22nd

Today I... feeling a bit better and am back to sharing my Los Angeles vacation pictures with you. I took this one while my Sweetheart and I were going shutterbug crazy taking night photos of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I happened to turn around and was struck by City Hall, the palm tree and, of all things, the yellow fire hydrant! I love the look of them together and snapped a series of photos of them and this one came out as my favorite :o) beginning to repopulate my fish tank. I bought seven buddies for Trooper and Alguie today, three Harlequin Rasbporas and four others whose species I cannot recall at the moment. Sorry...cross your fingers with me that they do well though! keeping this short and sweet as I have to release my new fish into the tank and then head out to dinner with my brother and one of his friends. We're going to sushi, yum!!!

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