Monday, October 10, 2011

Today I...October 10th

Today I... back after an unscheduled break from blogging this weekend. It was much needed though after the week I had last week. sharing this picture depicting the Fall color situation in Montreal this past weekend. Some trees are in full color, while others are still very green.

...was swept away by all the beautiful colors on the trees outside of Montreal today, it was gorgeous.

...went to pick apples and gather about two dozen for 4.50$! What a bargain and they taste better that what you can get in the grocery store too!

...just got an e-mail from my Sweetheart telling me that he came home early today since they got their work done faster than planned! Hooray! I'm off to answer him :o)


  1. the colours are just glorious aren't they?

    Glad you had an enjoyable weekend,


  2. I love the turning of color...vibrant, brief, but the feeling in the moment is heartfilling.

  3. Looking so classically autumnal.
    Everyone needs a break from everything at some point, including blogging!