Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today I...October 18th

Today I...

...am sharing this picture of some houses in Blanc-Sablon, a town in Quebec which is right on the border of Labrador and across the Gulf of St-Lawrence from Newfoundland with all of you. I think it's lovely and am wishing that I was heading there tomorrow with my Sweetheart. I will, of course, like the place even better if my Sweetheart manages to reach me from there!

...had a busy, but uneventful day at worked filled with phone calls, last minute group bookings and loads of data entry, which is know for its ability to plunge me into a coma. I defy anyone to do more than one hour straight of data entry without being plunged into a stupor!

...had a very good laugh when a man who called this morning to book a guided tour for this coming Thursday (he said he didn't know he had to book a tour in advance, imagine that!) sent an email with a scanned PICTURE of his signed booking form to me instead of scanning THE ACTUAL FORM and e-mailing that to me. There's a first time for everything :oJ


  1. that looks like quite a remote place your other half is going too? Do they all speak French up there and is the population mainly native Indian?


  2. Hi Gill!

    Actually, they mostly speak English because they're so close to Newfoundland and Labrador apparently and they're mostly of European descent, a mix of English and French ancestry and with most of Eastern Canada. The other places he's going to though, they will speak exclusively French I would think :o)