Monday, October 17, 2011

Today I...October 17th

Today I... sharing this photo of some lovely Fall foliage with you :o)

...spent most of the day feeling very cold due to the cold, damp weather. Ick...

...was stuck on the phone with a very, very conservative Catholic for an hour and a quarter. I am Catholic, don't get me wrong on that one and I'm very happy to be Catholic, but I am not an über conservative Catholic, not by a long shot. If I truly was a mortal sinner for not doing everything she said I should have been doing in order for 'Jesus to love me', I would be going to Hell for sure. I believe that God and Jesus love us for who we are and take account of our efforts to be faithful Christians, not that they turn their backs on us for not being Christian enough. In my opinion, overly conservative believers do religion, no matter what the religion, more harm than good.

...had a good time at choir practice, despite the fact that we spent the better part of the practice working on a very long, difficult piece of music.

...spoke with my Sweetheart one more time before he leaves for his two week business trip on the North Shore tomorrow. His plane is taking off at 6:30 A.M. for Sept-Îles and from there he is going much further north to Blanc-Sablon, which is right next to Labrador!!! He will then gradually work his way back South until he comes home, probably on November 2nd unless things go faster or more slowly than planned. I, naturally, am hoping things will go faster, like they did last time!

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