Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today I...October 5th

Today I... watching the first half of the second film in the Anne of Green Gables series :o) a lovely surprise and found an e-mail from my Sweetheart in my inbox earlier! He must have found some Internet access in the boonies, either that or he has 3G cell phone service so he can get his e-mails on his phone! We did get to talk on Sunday by the way, we spent nearly 40 minutes on Skype and it was lovely :o) feeling better today now that I have gotten rid of nearly all the tension out of my neck and shoulders thanks to my heating pad. I've been quite stressed lately and it caught up with me and I'd had a nearly constant headache since Monday night. looking forward to a three day weekend. It's Thanksgiving up here in Canada on Monday, a holiday that I've always been fond of !


  1. Oh, what a lovely picture from the film.

  2. Hi Karine! What??!! No pumpkins???!! :-)))) Seriously, I'm so glad you're feeling better as the weekend approaches!! Thanksgiving is also one of my favorite holidays, but I have to wait until November...